Aaron Taylor: In January of 2014, I was introduced to the Mindful Life Program during a weekend Mindfulness Foundations Course. During this time, I was taken by the simple yet powerful recognition that there were tools for me to improve my mind, just like I improve my body through the tools of diet and exercise. The tools in the Mindful Life Program have led me to shift from a life of just pursuing pleasure to one of creating what I have been looking for the whole time: genuine happiness. I believe it is a human right to have inner flourishing and lasting happiness, and that is why I enthusiastically engaged in the Mindful Life Program Teacher Training in 2017. I am excited to share the wisdom and compassion of the Mindfulness Foundations Course and to engage with others who wish to cultivate a meaningful life and genuine happiness. Each day I wake up to the recognition of how precious an opportunity I have, and I am passionate about helping others discover their own inner flourishing and genuine happiness. Peace, and BIG Love!

I teach courses throughout Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and on to Silt, New Castle, and Rifle in Colorado. To get in touch with me, please call 970.340.8151 or email me!