Dusty Sylvanson is a Certified MLP Mindfulness Teacher whose life is fully engaged as a father, husband, teacher, and carpenter. He owns and operates a small residential construction company in Gunnison, CO, where he lives with his wife Jessica and son Kai. Together, Jessica and Dusty host classes and events in their home studio, The Here & Now Center.

A carpenter from a young age, Dusty found a love and calling for the mountains in his early 20’s. He began teaching outdoor education as a NOLS instructor and had a rich, colorful career teaching wilderness medicine for the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) throughout the western USA, Alaska, Nepal, and India. It was through teaching wilderness emergency medicine that a passion and enthusiasm for teaching arose from deep within him.

Dusty’s life journey has been filled with many trials, tribulations, and triumphs. He has lived on the streets and volunteered in Himalayan villages. He has experienced broken hearts and failure and he has also had experiences beyond his dreams. He has also been in financial crisis and also found himself in a state of fiscal aptitude and success. He has been been involved with tragic accidents involving death and intimately participated in the birth of his son. All of these experiences have helped him gain a greater understanding of the true source of our genuine happiness.

The deep despair, anxiety, and depression he once experienced has transformed, through the support of mindfulness practice, into an ever-deepening state of genuine well-being and flourishing. Ten years ago Dusty met his guiding teacher, John Bruna, and since then has deepened his path of meditation and mindfulness. As his studies and practice with John and other teachers deepened, a new understanding, clarity, and passion began to arise within him.

Dusty is an engaging, excitable, and natural teacher. The evolution that has taken place within him on his transformational path is felt in his sincerity, humor, and passion to share the skills and tools offered by the Mindful Life Program.

He teaches courses in Gunnison in Colorado. To get in touch, please call 970.641.3898 or email him!