Jenni Peskin is a mama, music maker, teacher and activist, working to change the world one breath at a time. She graduated from the Mindful Life Program Teacher Training in 2017. Her own journey with mindfulness has given her the tools of resiliency and inner strength to be able to weather the storms in the world as well as the storms that exist inside of her. She is grateful to her teachers for their unending depth of knowledge and their willingness to share it with her.

Jenni has presented, taught and performed in yoga studios, recovery centers, private classrooms, TED Talks, and festivals. She has worked with groups in sizes from 6 to 600 and every time is blown away by the powerful shifts that occur when we are present with our experiences and present with one another. She is honored to work with people from different backgrounds and abilities and to be a guide on the path to finding freedom in our bodies and the power of our voices.

Jenni teaches courses in Bend, OR. Learn more about Jenni at her website and get in touch with her by phone (541.610.7001) or email