Michael GuntherMaher


Michael GuntherMaher is a Palliative Care physician in Sacramento, CA. He retired from Kaiser-Permanente after a career as a geriatrician, a Palliative Care specialist, and a communications instructor. He continues to work part-time at a local hospice agency, and holds faculty positions at UC Davis and California Northstate University College of Medicine.

Michael lives with his wife Laura in Fair Oaks, in the home they designed and built together in the early 90s. They have 3 inspiring and entertaining adult children who help keep their parents in line. The most popular member of the family by far is Duffy, Laura’s (or is he Shea’s? Or Sarah’s? Sean’s?) Golden-doodle.

Once an avid runner and backpacker, Michael now settles for riding the bike trails of the American River, with the occasional ski trip here or there. His most consistent obsession, however, is music, especially vinyl played in his audio room. Since COVID made concert-going too high risk, record collecting has gotten a little out of hand.

Michael has been practicing mindfulness since 2005, and has been active in a small sangha for 10 years. He completed the teaching curriculum of the Mindful Life Program in 2022.