Steve Chan


Steve’s mindfulness journey formally began when he completed the Mindful Life Program’s Foundations course in 2019. The mindfulness skills changed how he approached and engaged with life — especially through the cultivation of his values, learning the sources of genuine happiness, and the choices offered with where to focus one’s attention. Thus, to share these learnings, he trained to become an MLP Certified Mindfulness Teacher, completing the yearlong training program in 2022. He now enjoys teaching these valuable concepts to others, while continuing to develop his mindfulness practice on a daily basis. Steve also is a physician trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, practicing in Sacramento, California. In addition to his clinical duties, Steve educates residents and medical students, delivers lectures to other physicians, served as a communication consultant, held various leadership roles, and volunteers on the California state Traumatic Brain Injury advisory board. Mindfulness concepts are essential for medical providers, and his goals include teaching medical professionals these skills. When not working, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and friends; he is a proud father, husband, son, brother, uncle and friend. He also can be found jogging on local trails and visiting the weekly farmer’s market with his daughter.