The Gift of a Book Tour

The Gifts of a Book Tour

Traveling from event to event, city to city, invited to bookstores, conferences, universities, recovery centers and more, there has been much to be grateful for in the first five months since the release of The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life. The book tour has taken us from New York to California, to the westernmost bookstore in the United States and many states in between. The gift of reconnecting with old friends, developing new friendships, and such appreciation for the message of the book has been constant threads of every event and visit along the way. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to each and every person who had a role in making each event a success and a gift. Book orders keep arriving from around the US and abroad, and have been also sent to prisons across the US. The Prison Library Project, hosted by the Way of Compassion Foundation, has set up a fund so that each donation allows a book to be sent to a prison library, offering inspiration and empowering tools for change. To learn more, see the Prison Library Project at