Invest in Yourself – Applications Due May 16th

“To invest in myself and my own mindfulness practice, guided and mentored by inspirational and masterful teachers over the course of a year, was a precious opportunity that transformed the way I live and experience the world. To then bring that deep practice and skillfulness to others as a mindfulness teacher is one of the most personally rewarding experiences I have had in my own life, and a gift that I am grateful to offer to others, helping to change lives in practical and beneficial ways.” – Laura Bartels

We invite you to apply to one of our year-long programs, either solely for personal transformation or to become a Mindful Life Program Certified Mindfulness Teacher. We also offer the option to become a Mindfulness in Recovery certified facilitator as well as a Certified MLP Teacher during the year-long program.

We are excited to select a diverse group to train together beginning in October. Participants from all walks of life, career paths and from many locations become a close knit learning community throughout the year of distance learning, after coming together for the first of two five-day retreats at the La Casa de Maria Retreat Center in Santa Barbara, California in October. Our co-founders and instructors, John Bruna and Mark Molony are incredibly caring and dedicated to supporting our community of practitioners as they progress along this amazing journey. We look forward to seeing each member of the group both deepen their own mindfulness practice and for those in the teacher certification program, prepare to bring an integrated approach to transforming lives with mindfulness.

Applications are due May 16th for both the Mindfulness Teacher Training & Certification and Personal Development in Living Mindfully Programs. Learn more and request an application at or