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“We bring together people, just like you, who are seeking to increase meaning and well-being. We provide the guidance and resources to learn to be more present and to be able to make more intentional and healthy choices in your life. The Mindful Life Network™ serves to support you to live a life in alignment with your values, with more resilience, inner peace, and well-being. As you improve your life, through your interactions with others, it will ultimately improve the world.”  

There’s a big difference between having a meditation practice and learning to live mindfully in daily life. In our communities, you have the support and guidance, daily, to live more mindfully, in ways that help reduce stress, build and develop more joy and inner peace. Together, members gain practical insight and inspiration for practice with cultivating qualities to improve their lives. As we gently invite growth in areas such as compassion, kindness, wisdom and attention, members grow their ability to bear in mind their values, to attend to what is meaningful and to improve their relationships and experience of life. 

Become a member and join a supportive community as you cultivate a mindful way of living each day. Each week is a new theme and each day is a new teaching and invitation. Listen to the daily audio read by our founders, and meditate together. With a convenient mobile app, it’s with you wherever you go. 

With much appreciation,
John, Laura and Mark

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