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Developing ourselves and cultivating long-term traits of resilience and well-being may be the most meaningful response to our current times

Enroll in the Foundations Semester- Fully Online

We now offer the option to enroll in  the Foundations Semester of our most in-depth learning experience. The Foundations Semester is facilitated completely online with no travel required. Those who successfully complete the Foundations Semester may apply for Semester Two in either the Teacher Training or Personal Development pathway immediately following their first semester or at a later date.

Regardless of whether one continues in the teacher certification or personal development pathway, the first semester practice and curriculum remains the foundation of learning to live mindfully and integrate attention, values, wisdom and an open heart into our way of being. Participants develop the skills to cultivate inner peace, genuine happiness, and a meaningful life while developing a calm and stable mind to effectively respond in beneficial ways to the challenges that arise in their lives. 

  • To establish a strong foundation of practice and learning, we will begin the Learning Year with 8 weekly online class sessions. In month three, we will move to our original monthly online class schedule as we progress through our first semester of learning.
  • In semester two, in-person retreats* are planned in January and June of 2021 in Carbondale, Colorado, USA. Retreats are now offered in the non-residential style, optimized for flexibility if scheduling changes are needed. *Dates and format for retreats are subject to change.
  • Our ability to use both our online learning technology and online community platform allows us a very supportive connection across both geographic and time zone differences throughout the year and provides us with ample opportunity to learn as a group together.
  • Flexible payment plans offered for both the Foundations Semester and full year programs.

Please download the updated program brochure below for the full details, curriculum and fee and apply using the online form. Both can will be available soon here