MLP Mindful Learning Year


As we all adjust to and respond as skillfully as possible to the current conditions of the Coronavirus, we are even more aware of the importance of having more people deepen in the skills and practices of mindfulness. As such, we have been dedicated to a careful redesign of this program to flow hopefully unimpeded regardless of the timing of travel restrictions being lifted in the future.

Below are highlights from the updated design of the Mindful Learning Year that we are excited to share with you. 

  • To establish a strong foundation of practice and learning, we will begin the Learning Year with 8 weekly online class sessions in June. In month three, we will move to our original monthly online class schedule as we progress through our first semester of learning.
  • In-person retreats will take place in January and June of 2021 in Carbondale, Colorado, USA. Retreats are now offered in the non-residential style, optimized for flexibility if scheduling changes are needed. 
  • Our ability to use both our online learning technology and online community platform allows us a very supportive connection across both geographic and time zone differences throughout the year and provides us with ample opportunity to learn as a group together.
  • The program fee and initial deposit have been reduced and the payment schedule extended to accommodate those who are impacted by the current conditions caused by the Coronavirus.

Please download the updated program brochure below for the full details, curriculum and fee and apply using the online form. Both can be accessed here