Mindful Life Community News – February, 2016

Our Mindful Life Community (MLC) membership and vision is growing! Members have joined from many states across the US and from countries around the world. It is supporting both individuals and communities.

The Community resources are expanding and will soon begin to include specific resources for targeted communities such as teachers, therapists, and the recovery community. Currently we are growing the resources for the recovery community and will be adding specific resources for teachers shortly. We are very excited that the staff at two different public schools have chosen MLC as a way to support all their teachers and administrators.

Becoming a member is a great way to be introduced to and begin taking action to make meaningful change if you are new to mindfulness. We designed the Community so that whatever MLP course, workshop or retreat you attend, all of the invaluable tools and skills that you learn are reinforced and expanded by MLC and allow you to have the continuous support that helps you make meaningful change in your habits and your life. The community has been designed to provide daily ongoing support to include and elaborate on the four keys of living mindfully that are embodied in all of our teachings and trainings.

Members of the community receive daily mindfulness support by email with inspiration, teachings, activities and exercises that are specifically designed to support and reinforce the healthy habits of living mindfully and to make meaningful change. In addition to the emails, members have access to our meditation and mindfulness resource libraries, the opportunity to participate in conference calls three times a month, and access to meditate with the whole community via a live web stream at different times throughout the month.

When we began the community, the inspiration was to provide the precious resources and tools of mindfulness to those who normally would not have access to them, as well as to provide ongoing support for those who have already engaged in an MLP program. However, our vision has now grown beyond seeking to help just individuals as we see the value of how individuals making meaningful change can make our world a better place. Many of our members have commented to us how their practice has helped them counteract the harsh rhetoric and anger that can sometimes dominate our communities as well as social media. We’ve come to realize that, together, we can become a movement. A movement of compassion and mindfulness that counteracts the voices of hatred and division that have become so loud. Imagine millions of people all over the world absorbing their daily support email and engaging in mindful, meaningful activities that improve their lives and those they come in contact with. We encourage all of you to join us in this vision. Together, we are the difference we want to see the world! If you’re not currently a member, join now and tell a friend. Learn more here