How You Are Supported As a Community Member

Members of the Mindful Life Community are invited to begin or gain support to continue a journey of mindfulness. You may be new to mindfulness or have meditated for many years and have practice with mindful living. As you begin your journey with the Community, you will be supported in many ways. All of our support and practices are based upon helping you develop the four keys of living mindfully – attention, values, wisdom and an open heart.

The Daily Mindfulness Support begins the first day after you register, and begins offering you inspiration, a short teaching, the daily mindfulness activity and the weekly exercise. The daily support follows the weekly themes and each day, you are offered the same short teaching on the theme, allowing you to deepen your understanding of it throughout the week. You will also receive periodic emails to provide you with specific guidance, checking in on your progress and offering support for your practice.

Whether this is new to you, or you are a seasoned practitioner of mindfulness, you will find resources and practices on the Member Home page that can meet your needs and fit into your schedule. Resources include step-by-step instructions and tips for a successful daily practice. The library of guided meditations allow you to both play or download a range of meditations. They vary in length to support you as you progress, and represent both concentration and contemplative meditations. A mindfulness library includes teaching on relevant topics, articles written by Mindful Life Program founders and staff, as well as mindfulness tools you can download.

Our worldwide members are invited to come together for Community Calls and Webcasts. During Community Calls, we offer a short live teaching on the recent weekly themes, and members are then in small breakout groups of three to four people to meet each other and share reflections with and learn from each other. This opportunity to connect with others in the community to discuss and support the practices you are cultivating is an essential part of the support process. Webcasts begin with a short live teaching and follow with a live guided meditation. Both Calls and Webcasts are recorded and archived for Members.