Mindfulness in Recovery® Programs

Mindfulness in Recovery® Programs

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Course

8-Week Mindfulness in Recovery® Online Course

We are excited and grateful to be able to offer the Mindfulness in Recovery® online course with daily activities and teachings from our co-founder, John Bruna, and live sessions facilitated by our MLP/MIR  certified teachers. With our online format, you can attend from wherever you are in the world.

“Taking this course I have experienced lasting and profound changes that are not only beneficial to me but others as well.” – Lynn M (over 30 years in continuous recovery)

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Mindfulness in Recovery® Meetings

Mindfulness in Recovery® Online Meetings

Mindfulness in Recovery® meetings are open to everyone. MIR is an inclusive recovery support community, open to anyone with a desire for recovery.

We welcome everyone and honor all paths of recovery and spiritual traditions. We do not promote any particular faith or belief system. Whatever your ethnicity, religion, gender, or identity, it is our firm conviction that everyone deserves to live a meaningful life in recovery.

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The Mindfulness in Recovery® Community

 A look inside the MIR Community

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Community is part of the Mindful Life Network™

John Bruna – about MIR 

Mindfulness in Recovery® Community

If you are new to recovery, have decades, or are somewhere in between, belong to a 12-step program or another pathway of recovery, the Mindfulness in Recovery® Community is here to support you, providing you with the resources, guidance, and a community to help you flourish in your recovery.  

We in Mindfulness in Recovery® Community are people active in different recovery programs and therapies, who have discovered the benefits of integrating the skills of mindfulness with the tools of recovery.  In applying the Mindfulness in Recovery® practices and skills, we are able to consciously create a meaningful and purposeful life that is driven by action, attention, values, wisdom and an open heart. In becoming the best version of ourselves possible, we have discovered a recovery from our afflictions imbued with freedom, integrity, a deep sense of well-being and an appreciation for the rare and precious life we have today – a life truly worth living!

We hope you will join us.

If you are in need of a scholarship, please email us at welcome@mindfullifeprogram.org. We do not ever want anyone to not have access to support due to a lack of financial resources. 

Clinicians and addiction treatment professionals – learn more about Mindfulness in Recovery® training, visit the Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute. 

The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery

Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery Coverby John Bruna

The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery is a complete mindfulness and recovery curriculum that is accessible, practical and aligns seamlessly with all pathways to recovery, including 12-Step programs, to provide life skills that support a fulfilling and meaningful life in recovery. The Guidebook helps you develop the seven skills of living mindfully in recovery with lessons, meditations, daily practices, and reflections. It is an invaluable resource to help you cultivate resiliency, discover your inner potential, and develop a consistent practice to engage more productively and joyfully in your life of recovery.

Guided Meditations

We offer a range of meditations that address attentional balance, as well as contemplative meditations which help cultivate healthy mental and emotional states. If you are new to meditation, we recommend that you read the article “The Four Keys to Living Mindfully” in the MLP Mindfulness Library.

For access to more meditations, become a member of the Mindfulness in Recovery Community.

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