Mindfulness Presentations for Mental Health Professionals, Veterinarians and More – February, 2016

We were delighted when cofounder John Bruna was selected to present at the annual conference for the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association. The conference took place earlier this month, and his presentation, The Myths and Benefits of Mindfulness in a Therapeutic Setting: An Integrated Approach, was extremely well received. Many of those in attendance have now joined our Mindful Life Community and John is still receiving requests for further collaboration.

In March, Dr. Derralyn Rennix, DVM & Brad LaRoche, both Mindful Life Program Certified Teachers, will be sharing the lessons from MLP with veterinarians at a conference held at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Caregivers suffer from a high level of emotional stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue which can lead to serious negative affects on health, career, and ability to care for others. Veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine are not immune to these negative effects and may even be at increased risk. Mindfulness is one technique that has proven benefits to promote self-care and methods to deal with stress and compassion fatigue. Derralyn and Brad will offer a presentation to allow participants to explore how mindfulness can help them become better, more resilient veterinarians and place them on a path towards a meaningful life. More info can be found here http://www.savmasymposium2016.com/.

More custom presentations are on the calendar, with audiences ranging from business executives to educators and the recovery community. If you are interested in a presentation for a group or specific audience, we’re happy to talk with you. Feel free to contact us.