Mindfulness in Recovery Community Launches

Mindfulness in Recovery Community Launches in January 

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Mindfulness in Recovery Community. We are currently fine tuning all of the components and it will become fully active in January of 2017.

The Mindfulness in Recovery Community is an inclusive recovery support program, open to anyone with a sincere desire for recovery. Our goal is to provide daily mindfulness activities and support to enhance our members’ current 12 Step program and to provide mindfulness tools and resources for those not in 12 Step programs.

It is our firm conviction that everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender or orientation deserves to live a meaningful and happy life in recovery. It is our belief that this can best be accomplished when people have the resources and tolls to live a life they find meaningful, a life that is in alignment with their own values and allows them to flourish. We will share an announcement as soon as we are ready to accept members.