Online Mindfulness in Recovery® Course with John Bruna

John Bruna shares an introduction the to MIR course

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October 3, 2022: Registration is now open! Click here for details.

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We are excited and grateful to be able to offer this new online course with daily activities and teachings from our co-founder, John Bruna, and live sessions facilitated by our MLP certified teachers. With our online format, you can attend from wherever you are in the world.

This course supports:

  • People in recovery (all pathways, including 12-step)
  • Family and friends affected by addiction (receive the Family and Friends Guidebook to MIR) 
  • Clinicians, therapists, and addiction treatment professionals (receive 36 CEUs and serves as a prerequisite for the certification course)
  • Incorporates the latest evidence-based treatment modalities

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Course will help you:

Develop more inner peace, resiliency, and joy in your recovery

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve attention, mental stability, and focus

Acquire more emotional balance

Live with more meaning and purpose

Develop insight into personal habits and patterns, enabling healthier choices that support the life you want to live

Live weekly sessions

Exclusive course videos with John Bruna

Private online platform for course members

24 hour access to the course

3 Free Months of MIR membership for new members

Mobile and tablet friendly

Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery Cover

The course includes a copy of The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery® or the Essential Guidebook to MIR for Family and Friends. 

Reviews of MIR courses

“This class helped open my mind to reflection and address the challenges in my life. John took the time to provide personalized and meaningful feedback. Much appreciated!”  Michael L.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is thought-provoking, interesting, and provides relevant, useful tools both for self-growth and in practice with others. John is so knowledgeable, supportive, and engaging in his delivery and feedback – highly recommend the course.” Nicola Churcher

“Taking this course I have experienced lasting and profound changes that are not only beneficial to me but others as well.” Lynn M

“This was an amazing course to be a part of. It is a perfect fit for the work we do as clinicians in substance abuse. I hope to continue to use the tools gained in this course to help others.” Carrie Cook

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“Through taking the course as well as the timely and effective feedback from John, my view of mindfulness as a way of “being” has transformed my personal life, my path in recovery from substance abuse, and my clinical practice. In addition, the presentation style allows for the fabric of my particular faith to be woven seamlessly into the practice of mindfulness in recovery. If you are on the fence, take the course now. You won’t be disappointed!” Tim Byrum

About the MIR Course 

This is an eight-week course open to everyone for personal development and for those working with others in the treatment field. It is experiential and focused on helping participants cultivate a daily mindfulness practice that integrates the MIR skills into daily life. 

The course is interactive with live weekly sessions, daily activities and exercises from the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery or the Family and Friends edition, videos, instruction with John Bruna, and interaction with others in the course on our private online platform (includes an app), and weekly live sessions facilitated by a MIR certified teacher. 

Everyone in the United States receives a copy of the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery or the Family and Friends edition, and access to the private online course platform accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You are able to interact with others in the course on that platform and in the course sessions. 

*If you live outside of the USA, we will work with you to get you access to the guidebook. 

Questions: Email or call (970) 633-0163.

Upcoming Courses

October 3, 2022: Registration is now open! Click here for details.

Questions – email us at

Cost and Registration

Price: $349 US. There is a $50 discount for members of the Mindful Life Community™ and Mindfulness in Recovery® Community. Contact us for your discount code.

Payment Plans and Scholarships: We always offer scholarships and payment plans. We never want anyone to not access our services due to financial difficulties. To apply for a payment plan or scholarship, click here.

Registration: Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with details for the course. Look for your Essential Guidebook in the mail unless you live outside of the United States. If outside the US, we will contact you about options.

*This course also supports family and friends of people affected by addiction. It is a valuable support for ACA, Alanon, CoDA


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