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Learn how to integrate Mindfulness in Recovery® into your treatment model. 

Discovery the MIR difference, establishing practical skills that are individualized and support long-term recovery.   

The MIR training includes membership in the Mindfulness in Recovery® Clinical Community.

Join us for one of our trainings in the philosophy and application of Mindfulness in Recovery® and become a member of the Mindfulness in Recovery® Clinical Community. 

Mindfulness in Recovery®

Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery CoverMindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) was developed by our co-founder, John Bruna. Drawing upon his 34 years in recovery, experience as a addictions counselor, educator, and mindfulness teacher, we have integrated the tools and resources of mindfulness into a practical format that is highly effective for people in recovery. 

Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) is a skills-based, accessible and comprehensive mindfulness program designed specifically for recovery. It supports all recovery pathways using an individualized, mindfulness curriculum that empowers the client to integrate it with their personal values, cultural background, and spiritual beliefs. Using the language of recovery in the curriculum to build connections to recovery communities and literature, the MIR principles can be integrated seamlessly with your current treatment modalities providing clients with the skills to put the therapeutic tools you are offering them into practice.

Many mindfulness programs focus on learning mindfulness techniques and exercises that can offer clients tools to become more present, reducing stress and reactivity, and increase their ability to make healthier life choices. However, all too often, even with the best programs and trained professionals, these tools are not integrated into an ongoing lifestyle that will support the ongoing practice required to develop long-term traits that support their recovery. They become a set of tools that fall by the wayside, only to be picked up in times of duress, if at all. 

MIR focuses on developing mindfulness skills that can be incorporated into daily life that practical, universal, and based on the recovery lifestyle. In this way, clients develop a way of living mindfully, with skills that support their recovery, based on their personal values and belief system.

Mindfulness in Recovery® Resources

  • Mindfulness curriculum that integrates into your current treatment modality
  • Support for a wide range of evidence-based therapies and clinical goals
  • Staff training and certification programs
  • Mindfulness in Recovery® workbook, The Essential Guide to Mindfulness in Recovery, by John Bruna.
  • Continuum of care support through the Mindfulness in Recovery® Community with daily support and an app
  • Wrap around services for the family with the Mindful Life Program resources
  • Use of MIR meeting format for groups

Who can benefit from Mindfulness in Recovery®?

  • Residential or Outpatient Programs
  • Individual Therapists, Counselors and Treatment Professionals
  • After-care, sober living and alumni programs
  • Drug Court and DUI programs and participants
  • Individuals in recovery at all stages of recovery
  • Family members

“Mindfulness in Recovery has been an incredible addition to our treatment program.  MIR provides our clients with a practical resource that acts as a bridge to twelve-step facilitation and instills positive daily habits and routines.  Our clients are not only learning how to meditate, but they’re learning important tools and skills that help them stay sober and live a life in alignment with their values. It’s been invaluable.”

Stefan Bate, MA, LAC
Chief of Clinical Operations
Jaywalker Lodge

“I’m a happy camper, engaged with my Mindfulness in Recovery daily practice. The tone of the dialogue and the tools available are just right for me. I feel a reassuring cadence between the messiness of my hectic travel calendar and the daily routines in MIR that keep me grounded regardless of the time zone or zip code. After a month of focus and self-discipline, I find I now actually look forward to my morning routine.”

Bob Ferguson

Founder – Jaywalker Lodge and Alpha 180

Jayme McCormick

“This training is the beginning to a new way of life for me. I am excited to use what I have learned in both my professional and personal life.” 

Leslie Turner

“The experience I have gained through this training is immeasurable. I highly recommend this training!” 

Mandy Owensby

“It is rare that a clinical training tool can provide both a foundational practice for working with clients as well as a tool of true self-care for the practitioner.” 

Judith Johnson

“The Mindfulness in Recovery training is relevant and timely. I believe it is one of the mission components in addiction treatment today.” 

John Bruna Speaks on MIR