Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute

Training and resources for the first fully integrated mindfulness program specifically designed for addiction treatment and recovery

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Discover the MIR difference, establishing practical skills that are individualized, empowering your clients to integrate the specific therapeutic tools you offer them into their daily lives in ways that support and sustain their long-term recovery.   

Rather than focusing only on teaching clients mindfulness techniques, MIR is an integrated approach that focuses on developing the mindfulness skills that increase their ability to put into practice the therapeutic tools you offer them. 

    • MIR integrates seamlessly with your other evidenced-based treatment modalities.
    • MIR connects with all pathways of recovery, including 12-step. 
    • MIR uses the everyday language of recovery in the curriculum to build connections to recovery communities and literature.
    • The MIR Community offers a continuum of care that supports clients beyond treatment.
    • Wrap around services for the family with our Mindful Life Program™ resources. 

The Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute provides trainings, certification programs and continuing education for clinicians and addiction treatment professionals and programs in the methodology, practice, and implementation of the seven skills of Mindfulness in Recovery®.

Join the MIR Clinical Community by training with the institute and receive ongoing support, discounts on all MIR materials and MIR Community memberships.

John Bruna Speaks on MIR

Mindfulness in Recovery: Myths and Benefits of Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment, Keynote at A Way Out Symposium, Aspen Institute, September 12, 2019