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 Discover the Mindfulness in Recovery® difference!

There is a big difference between doing mindfulness practice and living mindfully with skills to flourish in your recovery. MIR is the first fully integrated mindfulness program specifically designed for addiction treatment and recovery.

Whether you are in a 12-step program or another program of recovery, the skills of MIR can bring your program to life in new and meaningful ways, help you discover your inner resources, live in alignment with your deepest values, and fully engage with both the challenges and joys that come your way. 

John Bruna on Mindfulness in Recovery

Mindfulness in Recovery: Myths and Benefits of Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment, Keynote at A Way Out Symposium, Aspen Institute, September 12, 2019


Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery Coverby John Bruna

The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery is a complete mindfulness and recovery curriculum that is accessible, practical and aligns seamlessly with all pathways to recovery, including 12-Step programs, to provide life skills that support a fulfilling and meaningful life in recovery. The Guidebook helps you develop the seven skills of living mindfully in recovery with lessons, meditations, daily practices, and reflections. It is an invaluable resource to help you cultivate resiliency, discover your inner potential, and develop a consistent practice to engage more productively and joyfully in your life of recovery.