Men’s Recovery Retreat at Graymoor

8th Spiritual Life Retreat for Men in Recovery at Graymoor in Garrison, NY

John Bruna

*Due to COVID-19 this retreat is on hold. We may offer a virtual retreat instead. We will update this page as soon as we know. 

“It is said that for meditation to be of value, the results must show in our daily lives.” (Pg 47, NA Basic Text)

“Emotional balance is one of the first results of meditation, and our experience bears this out.” (Pg 47, NA Basic Text)

“There is a direct linkage among self-examination, meditation, and prayer. Taken separately these practices can bring much relief and benefit. But when they are logically related and interwoven, the result is an unshakable foundation for life.”  (Pg 98, 12 &12)

“The doors that open and close in our lives are not nearly as important as the person we are when we walk through them.”  John Bruna

Join us for our 8th retreat at Graymoor with John Bruna. This is a precious opportunity to step out of the busyness of life, reconnect to your deepest values, and develop the tools of meditation and prayer to support you in living a life of recovery you find truly meaningful. It is open to all men in recovery and all spiritual traditions and backgrounds.

The retreat is facilitated by John Bruna and will include meetings, meditation, talks, discussion, and reflection to deepen one’s personal spiritual practice in recovery.

This retreat is not run by John or an organization. It is organized each year by a dedicated group of men that value recovery and work selflessly to give men the opportunity to experience the healing setting of a retreat.

The retreat will be at the Retreat House of the Sister’s of Atonement at the bottom of the hill at Graymoor and is limited to 40 participants.

John Bruna has been in continuous recovery since 1984, had successful careers in addiction treatment and as an educator prior to spending over six years as an ordained Buddhist monastic. Grateful to have found recovery in the 12-steps and for all those that have carried the message helping him and countless others, John has dedicated his life helping others do the same.  He is known for his warmth, humor, and ability to make teachings practical and accessible. John is the author of The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life: The Essence of Mindfulness and The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery, and has presented at TEDx and conferences throughout the country. 

Dates: September 25 – 27, 2020 – Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Location: Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, 1350 Route 9, Garrison, NY, 10524

More information: Call Bruce Massaro (516) 965-9928. Join us for our next men’s retreat at Graymoor, in Garrision, NY