Mindfulness in Recovery®Facilitator Certification

Mindfulness in Recovery®

Facilitator Certification Training

Our Next Certification Training

Will begin on November 7th


Program Overview

The MIR Facilitator Certification training is specifically for counselors, therapists, and professionals working in the recovery field. It is open to those that are currently training in a recognized institution or at a treatment facility.

The training is experiential and requires the participants to develop and maintain a mindfulness practice throughout the training.  Coursework includes meditation, self-reflection, and journaling. You will be doing the same practices and inner work that you will be facilitating for your clients. 

We are delighted to report that, to date, all of our training participants have reported that, in addition to adding to their clinical skills, they have personally benefited from the training, developing more resiliency, self-care, and well-being.  

The Training Structure – Two Courses

The training is facilitated online using the Zoom platform. Participants must be able to use video conferencing software effectively.  

There are two required courses for certification:

1st Course: Mindfulness in Recovery® Course. This is an 8-week experiential online course covering the foundations of MIR philosophy and practice. This course is open to everyone, whether they are in the certification program or not. Completion of the is course is required prior to taking the certification course. To learn more about this course, click here

Cost: $349.99

2nd Course: Mindfulness in Recovery® Facilitator Certification Course – This is a 4-week course covering the integration of MIR into the therapeutic process. Participants must complete the MIR course prior to registering for this course. The certification course prepares participants to:

  • Lead meditation
  • Facilitate MIR process groups
  • Integrate MIR with other treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interview, and 12 step approach. 
  • Integrate MIR in individual, group, outpatient, and residential settings 

Cost: $1000

Training Outcomes
  • Direct experience in the application of mindfulness within a therapeutic process. 
  • Practical and effective strategies to integrate the Mindfulness in Recovery® methods and practices into the therapeutic process for the treatment of addiction, co-occurring disorders, and family support strategies
  • Training in integrating evidenced-based therapeutic modalities effectively into an individualized mindfulness program for clients
  • Knowledge of the diverse perspectives and definitions of mindfulness
  • Clarify the difference between mindfulness meditation and the practice of mindfulness
  • Understand the role of meditation in the practice of mindfulness
  • Training in multiple types and methods of meditation and application of best practices for specific meditations with individual clients. 
  • Training foundations of meditation and effective strategies for developing a consistent meditation practice
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the training, certification as a Mindfulness in Recovery® Facilitator

Certification Benefits

  • Listing as certified Mindfulness in Recovery® Facilitator on our website 
  • Membership in the MIR Certified Facilitator’s Community with access to ongoing support and resources
  • Mindfulness in Recovery® Community membership
  • Discount on MIR materials 

Training Prerequisites:

Currently working in the treatment field and/or certification, licensure, or nearing completion of education and training as a counselor, therapist, clinician, or addiction treatment professional (includes peer support specialists).

Satisfactory completion of the 8-week MIR course. 

Our next training begins on November 7, 2022, click here for details.