Bringing universal skills to empower you to transform your life with attention and intention

The Mindful Life Program (MLP), co-founded by John Bruna, Mark Molony, and Laura Bartels, is a comprehensive mindfulness program that integrates the four key areas of mindfulness – attention, wisdom, values, and an open heart – that help lead you to a personal transformation.

MLP offers you mindfulness resources, programs and courses designed specifically to provide practical, accessible, and universal skills that empower you to transform your life with attention and intention.

“Mindfulness is much more than present moment awareness; mindfulness includes and facilitates the cultivation of concentration, wisdom, and the ability to make healthy choices that foster genuine happiness and a meaningful life.”— John Bruna

We invite you to explore the range of MLP’s resources and program offerings that can support you or your organization in living mindfully.
Mindful Learning Year Programs

Wisdom of a Meaningful Life

Available in paperback, Audible and Kindle

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Daily Practice Journal

New! Daily Practice Journal

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Our programs are:

Practical – They work. They make sense and can be integrated into daily life right away.

Accessible – These are not esoteric teachings that are hard to understand. They are taught using language and examples that are useful and understandable. We also are dedicated to offering free resources and making our programs as financially accessible as possible through scholarships and payment plans.

Universal – These universal teachings can benefit everyone, regardless of culture, religion, spiritual path or economic status. Our programs and courses empower the participants to live mindfully with attention and intention in alignment with their own value system.

Programs are currently offered online and across the USA, Canada, and Australia.


Consider supporting our work by making a donation to our scholarship fund. We believe everyone deserves to live a meaningful life with well-being and develop the skills to do so. Together, we can improve lives and the world. 


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