Practical, accessible, and effective mindfulness tools designed specifically for recovery.  

Mindfulness in Recovery Treatment Center Programs

Marial Martyn PhD, Director of Programs [email protected], (970) 510-0229

Mindfulness in Recovery was developed by our co-founder, John Bruna. Drawing upon his 33 years in recovery, experience as a substance abuse counselor, educator, Buddhist monastic, and mindfulness teacher, we have integrated the tools and resources of mindfulness into a practical format that is highly effective for people in recovery. 

Our integrated program is practical, accessible and is designed to be implemented with both 12-Step focused programs and alternative recovery programs.  We provide training and curriculum that can be tailored to your specific treatment model and philosophy. 

We have two levels of participation to offer:

Mindfulness in Recovery Certification – Your program can become a Mindfulness in Recovery certified treatment center. This includes training and implementation of mindfulness curriculum that can be specifically integrated into your treatment center’s program. This process takes six months and we provide a year of support. We are currently working on our first certification program, Jaywalker Lodge. They are off to a great start and will be certified in December. This level of collaboration includes the following:

  • Our Mindfulness in Recovery App

    We work directly with your staff develop a mindfulness curriculum that effectively integrates into your specific treatment model.

  • We facilitate the MLP Mindfulness Foundation course for your staff. This is an intensive 20-hour course. 
  • We will train a designated staff member/s to be a Mindfulness in Recovery treatment coordinator for your program.
  • Use of our Mindfulness in Recovery Workbook.
  • We provide your staff with memberships in the Mindfulness in Recovery Community.
  • We provide program implementation support for a period of one year. 
  • Upon satisfactory implementation, your program will be listed as a certified Mindfulness in Recovery treatment center.

Mindfulness in Recovery Community Program Integration – We provide training for your staff to integrate mindfulness practices into your treatment program to help clients establish a daily practice utilizing the Mindfulness in Recovery Community daily support practices and meditations. This level of collaboration includes the following:

  • Staff training in the foundations of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Mindfulness in Recovery Workbook implementation training.
  • Support in integrating the seven skills of living mindfully in recovery into your program. 
  • Program specific guided meditations. 
  • Development of a daily mindfulness tools that are program specific.

In addition to working collaboratively, providing training, curriculum, and support, we also offer a year of continuum of care support through our Mindfulness in Recovery Community. 

Mindfulness in Recovery Community for Treatment Centers

Our community provides your clients with a year-long continuum of care resource. Upon joining the community, your clients will become members and receive access to all of our Mindfulness in Recovery resources and meditations. This includes clear direction and guidance for establishing a daily practice and a wide range of guided meditations focused on themes of recovery and developing mindfulness.  

  • Guided meditations on our app

    Members receive daily lessons and mindfulness activities via email and easily accessible on the mobile app.

  • Each daily support email contains a description of the skill, a daily inspiration, reflection, and specific activity for the day that corresponds to the mindfulness skill of that week.  
  • Each week is focused on a specific skill of living mindfully.
  • Members have access to our full library of guided meditations.
  • Members receive access to our Mindfulness in Recovery Community app that connects them to other members of our recovery community. Members are able to message each other, share their inspirations, experiences, epiphanies, struggles, and successes. The app also provides members with direct access the meditation library, event calendar and member homepage.
  • Members will also be able to participate in our online meetings and meditations. All of our online meetings are recorded and archived in the member section of our website so they can be viewed later.
  • All enrolled clients will receive a Mindfulness in Recovery Journal to support their practice during their first 4 weeks.

NEW – Mindfulness in Recovery Workbook by John Bruna

The Mindfulness in Recovery Workbook provides your clients with the skills and support to make the most of your life in recovery.

The workbook is a complete mindfulness and recovery curriculum that is accessible, practical and aligns seamlessly with 12-Step treatment programs, enabling both 12-Step and non 12-Step treatment centers to integrate a comprehensive mindfulness program into their therapeutic milieu. The Mindfulness in Recovery Workbook helps your clients develop the seven skills of living mindfully in recovery, with lessons, meditation, daily practices and reflections. The workbook is an invaluable resource to help your clients cultivate resiliency, discover their potential, and develop a consistent practice to engage more productively and joyfully in their recovery.  

Contact our Director of Programs, Marial Martyn,  for more information – (970) 510-0229 or [email protected] 

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