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In times of challenge and change, we often see more clearly the need to develop a stable foundation of well-being so that we can more reliably respond skillfully and compassionately in our lives. During the journey of the Mindful Learning Year, you give yourself the opportunity to learn to truly embody your mindfulness practice and to support meaningful transformation. The Learning Year allows you to do this with the caring guidance of experienced mindfulness instructors Mark Molony and Laura Bartels and the connection and support of a dedicated cohort. 

The program brings a robust curriculum based in the contemplative roots of mindfulness combined with the latest science, supports the development of a solid daily personal meditation and mindfulness practice, and focuses on the insights gained through truly living mindfully. 

Regardless of choosing the teacher certification or personal development pathway, participants develop the skills to cultivate inner peace, genuine happiness, and a meaningful life while developing a calm and stable mind to effectively respond in beneficial ways to the challenges that arise in their lives.