MLY Personal Development Year

Begins September 2023

Participate Online from Any Location

The multi-faceted and in-depth learning and guidance in the personal development pathway are directed at supporting participants to consolidate their personal practice and gain a broader understanding of the possibilities of practical, engaged mindfulness in their life and in the world through a personally applicable and meaningful project.

Over the years of offering this in-depth training, we have found many participants are interested in receiving the more extensive guidance of a mindfulness training year for their own personal development. This is a unique and rare opportunity to receive multi-faceted and in-depth learning and guidance and extend learning in an area of personal interest. 

The year-long program begins with the MLY Immersion Semester and the learning community includes those in the Teacher Certification Year. Our second semester incorporates learning in the chosen area of focus, guided by the instructors while continuing to strengthen their personal mindfulness practice, two online guided retreats, and continued monthly classes and individual mentoring.