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“The Mindful Life Program is well thought out, engaging and easily approachable. It provided me with practical and easy to understand skillsets, which have far reaching benefits. Make some time and reward yourself by participating in this well worth while program.”  Michael Maslen, Melbourne, Australia
“My experience of the Mindful Life Foundations Course as taught by Cindy Schmidt was exceptional. The information and guidance provided by Cindy is something that I wish I had found years ago. The effect that mindfulness has had on my life has been profound and I have so much gratitude for having found and participated in the course. I highly recommend this class as mindfulness is now one of the primary tools for that I use in this living, breathing, and changing body. I am also more present in my everyday world and practice meditation daily. Cindy is a patient, profound, heartfelt guide and does not hesitate to give her knowledge freely for the purpose of bettering your own life and understanding. Five Stars, six stars, seven stars.” Jason Martinez, Durango, CO

“What an incredible experience!  I feel as if my life has new meaning and direction guided by principles of Mindful Living!  For years I have been intrigued by meditation but too intimidated to try.  Cindy [Schmidt]’s gentle, guiding techniques made my introduction into meditation practice so easy and fruitful!  Each week I looked forward to reviewing the reading materials; and having a small group of thoughtful, supportive class participants made coming to each session something to truly look forward to. I now look forward to being a part of the Mindful Living Community and gaining more inspiration and support through the readily available resources.  For others looking to find their way into Mindfulness, I highly recommend this class!” Deborah Sussex, Durango, CO

“The Mindfulness Program came to me at a point in time where the other avenues I had been traveling were no longer offering answers I was seeking. The Mindfulness Program reminded me that these answers come from within and gave me guidance on daily practices to lead me on that path.” Melinda Prall, Carbondale, CO

“Mindfulness practice unlocks doors I didn’t know were there, let alone closed.” Dan, Carbondale, CO

“An empowering experience. The urgency of living a mindful life inspired me to seize the day, every day. To see the possibility to CHOOSE our thoughts, where we place our attention, and focus, is a gift. I feel more in touch with my inner self, my values, and the inspiration to live my life meaningfully. I feel more present and patient with my children, more present in my marriage, and less stressed about my school work.” Adriana, Carbondale, CO

There are few courses that provide you with the tools and wisdom to make a meaningful change in your life at an affordable price!” – Mateo, Carbondale, CO

The Mindful Life Program has given me the tools and resources to become a better version of myself. It has been vital in reducing my personal suffering and the suffering of those around me. Now my genuine happiness can shine through!” – Aaron, Carbondale, CO

“To begin to see clearly, without the filter of emotion, to be authentic to myself and my values in all situations, to contribute to beneficial outcomes for myself and others: this is now the path on which I place my feet. Thank you so much for illuminating it!” Linda Waters-Crawford, Lambertville, MI

“I benefited greatly, and so has my family, from my participation in the Mindful Life Program. In two days I learned the tools needed to begin to interrupt my lifetime of preemptive and reactive thinking.   In the month following I have found some things easy to apply and others very challenging.  I continue to challenge myself towards that change though and that is due to the knowledge gained through John and the other participants.  Thank you John for the work you do and I look forward to participating in your future programs and offerings.” Amber Wolfrom, Findlay, Ohio

“John has a very compassionate, peaceful and engaging presence.  I felt very present and joyful all weekend.  The meditations were simple and enjoyable, and I feel like I can apply what we learned to my life in a practical way.  I also felt I made big steps in letting go of some old ‘stuff ‘ that occupied my mind often; I did this without even trying.   Perceptions shifted, old baggage fell away.  That is awesome, and quite amazing.”   Patti Spadaro

“I look back on your 3-day Mindfulness Workshop and feel the benefits I received. Your approach is so peaceful, loving and motivates one with the feeling of ‘Yes, I can do that.’  I remember more than once, during another recent retreat, thinking, ‘This is what John was teaching, but John made it seem so much easier and more attainable’ and a 24-minute meditation to boot!  You have a marvelous gift for teaching and your talents inspire others to learn.  Thank you so much for the work you are doing.” David Karg, Naples, Florida

“Thanks to his ever-present sense of humor, his sparkling mind, his clarity and utter dedication to explaining the dharma in plain English, John is the best dharma teacher I have experienced.” – Elizabeth Gick

“John has a wonderfully kind, light-hearted and jovial approach to teaching and guiding meditation. He provides easy, manageable tools to incorporate meditation into a daily practice.”  – Caith Crosby, Colorado

“After undertaking a very enlightening course with Mark Molony, I am more knowledgeable, balanced, and aware of emotions.  Using the meditation techniques and practices taught and encouraged by Mark, I have become more calm, balanced and appreciative of life and surroundings. The mindful practices have improved my happiness and quality of life. Mark made things easy to understand and has been very approachable throughout my learning journey. I can’t thank him enough.” Karlene Jeffery

“My weekend retreat with John provided me with a feeling of tremendous peace and renewed faith in the power of loving kindness.”  Jackie Unternahrer, Colorado

“My life is blessed and tremendously better in so many ways having known John. He is a person of great compassion and his teaching is accessible to everyone, regardless of their spiritual belief and traditions. Attending a retreat or class with John, I have learned how to be gentler on myself and therefore on the world. As a result of John’s teachings I have gained new daily practices that are simple yet impressively powerful and gained deeper understanding of myself. I am forever grateful and looking forward to my next experience with John Chopel!”  Dusty Szymanski, Gunnison, Colorado

“John offers the wisdom of a Buddhist sage embodied through his life experiences. His humor has reminded me not to take myself too seriously, but instead to take risks and have fun as consciously and gratefully as possible in every step of life. He has offered me deep insights every time I sit with him. In love and gratitude.” – Tecumseh, Durango, Colorado

“John’s teaching is down-to-earth and practical and useful for daily living.” – Victoria Schmitt

“Every event I have hosted for John Bruna has had excellent reviews from attendees, the most commonly asked question is “when will he return?” John has a gift for teaching. If you are considering hosting John for your group – he delivers every time with humor and grace, leaving participants with a new view of themselves and the world.” Dr. Joan Coff

“Thank you John for a truly meaningful retreat. It is one that will affect my life for the better – this day and forever.” Sherrill Stenson, Jai Yoga, Gunnison

“My first experience with mindfulness and meditation and definitely not my last. I was given the tools to be kind and compassionate with myself so that I may share that with others. Thank you for teaching me to breathe again.” Melissa Bennett, Norman, Oklahoma

“Dealing with strong feelings of anxiety is debilitating and exhausting. You feel at the mercy of events over which you have no control.  Since working with Mark Molony on the practice of mindfulness and meditation, I have been given back control, I can choose my response to what happens in my life and no longer feel buffeted by the fates.  I know I am much calmer, more compassionate and consistently kinder to those around me. Mark’s guidance has enabled me to reach a level of practice which I would never previously have considered possible and I look forward to further learning.  Thank you Mark.” Marthèse Kavanagh

“Very positive, uplifting! Practical ideas for daily life that I’m using right now – thank you, John.”   Mark and Chris Nanny, Norman, OK

“I always reap wisdom from your teachings and greatly appreciate your opening and sharing your love and joy.” Sandi Taylor, Norman, OK

“We feel so blessed to have experienced and shared such a powerful gathering of inspired people. Our center has continually provided us with abundant opportunities to extend our circle of friends and it feels like this weekend’s workshop did more than open doors…. It took the roof off! The possibilities are endless! John, may we extend our deepest wishes of gratitude and love. Thank you for sharing so openly and lovingly.” Sandi and Dan, Liverpool Art Center

“In one short weekend workshop with John, my life changed. All those things I’d been wanting and needing to do for years suddenly became possible. Most importantly, I started meditating twice a day and LOVED it. I am healer, have been practicing and teaching yoga for 23 years, and have attended numerous spiritual workshops and retreats, but had never been able to establish a daily meditation practice. Now, it’s simply something I can’t wait to do. The more I meditate, the clearer my thoughts become, and the better choices I make. I am letting go of things that do not serve me and embracing those that do. I can’t wait for my next workshop with John. He is truly a gift from God.” Leslie E. New York

“I recommend this retreat or any other event where John Chophel Bruna is the teacher. He is very down to earth and sincere in his attempts to relieve our suffering and the experience of joy when you are with him makes many things more clear. I will definitely attend more seminars/workshops in which John is the teacher. I received more inner knowing on this retreat than any other I have attended.” Abby Eller, Central New York

“I had no idea what to expect going into this workshop. I just had hoped to get some tools for life and continuing my journey with meditation.  What I received was insightful information that was used on the spot to look internally and reflect upon what made me truly happy; being mindful of that was the first step in experiencing a meaningful and happy existence with others.” Justin

“I attended the Mindfulness Foundations course with John Bruna. I found the training to be an invaluable addition to skills I learned many years ago.  John’s relaxed teaching style, and background makes the MLP training very approachable for all levels of participants. I continue to be involved with the Mindful Life Dharma evenings and I am very grateful that John has joined our community. We are blessed to have his kindness, compassion and wisdom here in Carbondale.”  Sheri Gaynor, Creative Awakenings International, Carbondale, CO.

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