The Mindful Life Network™ is the caring arms around our many offerings and the umbrella for many ways of learning, engaging, and meeting others



We created the Mindful Life Network™ for you. What’s happening in the Network is exciting. It encompasses connection and learning through community, courses, and culture as we discover the benefits of integrating the skills of mindfulness into our daily lives.   

Supporting each person to learn to live a more meaningful life nurtures a mindful culture. Simply put, a mindful culture improves the world.

What You’ll Find…

  • Mindfulness skills, exercises and inspiration
  • Our premium communities – Mindful Life Community™ and Mindfulness in Recovery® Community
  • Mindfulness and meditation courses
  • Meetings hosted by both our communities
  • Library of guided meditations
  • Mindfulness resources including books, journals and more
  • Monthly Mindful Living Skills webinars
  • Practice Circles
  • Professional resources
  • And more…

What you’ll experience…

  • Exclusive content and conversations that inspire and support you to learn and sustain a mindful life
  • Connection in meaningful ways in a safe space with others who share your desire for more well-being and meaning in life and in relationships
  • Learning how to make healthier and wiser decisions in alignment with your values
  • The chance with others about your personal practice of living mindfully bringing your experiences, challenges, or insights to light
  • Inspiration, expert guidance, and thought-provoking conversations each and every day

Now more than ever is the time for developing our inner resources


Mindfulness support, teachings, and connection 365 days of the year, available 24/7 Ongoing daily support as you live your life A supportive community as you cultivate new habits Connect through web and app Guided meditations and member events Weekly skills & daily guidance Deepen your attention, values, wisdom, compassion and more

Together, transforming for resilience, inner peace, and well-being

Meaningful change for you and the world