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“This program is singularly the most practical, secular, useful presentation of essential values, morals and ethics I have run into in 45 years.” – Pam

“This is the community that has helped me start on the path of mindfulness. I have all of these amazing things I want to say about how much I have benefitted in a short time… Learning to relax again, to connect with others, to align with my values, which makes life so much more meaningful, to begin to choose genuine happiness…. But it’s better if you check it out yourself.” – Adriana

“Please consider joining the Mindful Life Community. John Bruna and his compassionate wisdom has changed my life. I see the world through new, loving, and compassionate eyes. I have a grateful heart. As John frequently states, I want to live my life with attention and intention. The Mindful Life Program paves that road.” – Dan

“The Mindful Life Community has been the method and practice that has grown meaning in my life garden.” – Aaron

“On the way home from the retreat, I had some concerns about how I was going to remember everything I had learned, and apply it in my daily life.  Now that I have become a member of the MLC, those concerns have disappeared. This website offers everything I need to stay on the path I want to be on.  The opportunities here are life-changing for me (in a good way!) Simple effective tools that I can use right here right now to make my life better & the world better.” – Mary

“I await my morning teachings with exuberance! Your gift of daily awakening is such a blessing to me. I, like other students, arrived home with all intentions of following the day by day opening of mindful living, given so freely in my handout. Truth be said, I followed my handout for three days and “reality” ( haha) got me. Joining the Community has so rocked me. My heart, soul & being have found such forward movement. I have also embraced the truth of knowing this is a life PRACTICE. Some days are better then others, imagine that! Thanking you from the deepest part of my heart for all you love, courage, encouragement & all the WORK  you put into sharing the joy of awakening.” – Maria

“Since joining The Mindful Life Community each day begins and ends with reflection which brings a deeper sense of gratitude and purpose in my life. John and Laura are providing a support system that I can connect with each day that helps me focus my intentions and clarifies my values. I am more aware of love in my heart, not just for those people in my life, but for the experience to be alive and have so many loving people around me. And the difficult situations are less painful as I realize they help me to grow and develop a deeper well of empathy, compassion, and space to help myself and others.” Elissa

“I want to express my gratitude and appreciation of the opportunity to participate in the Mindful Life Program. I have only been enrolled for a matter of days, yet already I can feel the transformative power of this program. There is so much wisdom to be gained through the daily readings, activities, and practices that I find so clearly and cohesively presented.The website is lovely and offers so much to explore in addition to the daily inspiration, activities, and exercises. Your intention to be of benefit to others shines through every aspect of the program. Many thanks, Martha”

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