28 Day Daily Practice Circle


Bring an infusion of inspiration and support to your mindfulness practice by joining others for this quarterly offering. It’s 28 days of focus and support for practices throughout your day. Join a supportive circle of MLP co-founders, trained mindfulness teachers, and others, just like you, looking to bring the benefits of a more consistent, fuller daily practice to life.


Our next 28 Day Daily Practice Circle begins on

Sunday, March 10th, 2024

Program Dates

  • Opening Live Event, March 10, 5 pm MST US
  • Our 28 Days of Practice are March 10 – April 7th US
  • Weekly Gatherings, Sundays 

From our own experience, we understand that it can be difficult to develop new habits, even if we know they will benefit our life. A daily mindfulness practice, once established, becomes a strong support for flourishing in your life. Because we know that it is hard to start and maintain an effective practice, this 28 Day Practice Circle was created to support you in your aspiration to explore and implement a consistent daily mindfulness practice. You are joined by a circle of Mindful Life Program™ co-founders and certified mindfulness teachers, members of our mindfulness communities, and others with similar intentions as you. It is our firm conviction that everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation deserves to live a meaningful and happy life. This includes you – you are worth it. So together, let’s practice.  



Elements of Support in our 28 Day Daily Practice Circle

  • Opening Live Event, March 10, 5 pm MST US (in Australia, March 11, 11 am AEST) 
  • Dedicated support and conversation space within the Mindful Life Network™ 
  • Each week we’ll introduce the theme with an article and share a new recorded meditation for that week. You also have access to a collection of our guided meditations for the 28 days.  
  • Each day you’ll find a new practice inspiration, tip or technique 
  • Downloadable resources such as the “Rhythm of a Daily Practice” and more.  
  • We encourage those who join to attend the live weekly mindfulness meetings that we offer. Since we have members in many time zones, there are no daily live events. 

Join Today by Making a Donation!*

There is a minimum donation of $28, that’s only $1/day!

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What people have shared…

“I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Each day I was inspired by your words and of others in the community. I will continue on this path. Thank you.” 
“I admittedly was unsure about the benefits of an online community, especially with people whom I haven’t met. However, I have been surprised with the support and accountability that I’ve felt from all of your thoughts, wisdom, posts. It truly has reinvigorated my mindful practice this month.”
“I’m so grateful for this 28 day circle and all of you. I’ve grown a little in my practice the past few weeks, and any growth is enough. It has reinvigorated my practice and my overall demeanor is more calm these past few weeks. I’m sure the ripple effects from this experience will continue outward. Thank you especially Laura, for taking the time to bring us readings that draw our attention to sometimes new ideas, or old ideas to ponder. This has been a fantastic experience.” 

Support yourself in these 28 days of practice with the Daily Practice Journal

Order a Daily Practice Journal on our MLP store. We encourage you to use one and many find it key to their daily practice, though you can participate with just the resources offered in the 28-day program. 

Daily Practice Journal

Whether you are just beginning a practice, looking to refresh or further develop your daily mindfulness practice, these four weeks will be a chance to grow and develop. 


A few details about joining…

  1. Join by making a donation or by joining as a community member through the links above. If you would prefer to write a check, contact us at [email protected].
  2. If you’ve made a donation, you will receive an email with an invite to the course, which is hosted on our Mindful Life Network™. You’ll be asked to set up a username and password for the Network if you don’t already have one. You’ll have the benefits of a free Network membership along with access to the program.
  3. If you are a community member, your link above takes you right to the course in the Mindful Life Network™.
  4. The program is accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone using a browser or our app.
  5. You can participate wherever you are and at whatever level works for you.
  6. If you are not able to join the opening event, a recording will be available within the program. 

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