Community Introduction

It is wonderful to have you as a part of our community. The Mindful Life Community was created to help you and others engage in their lives mindfully, with attention and intention. Our lives can be very busy and all too often we are pulled in many directions, running from one activity to the next. Days come and go filled with things to do and things left undone. In all of this busyness we often don’t take time to remember what is truly important to us and to bring this into the forefront of our daily activities.

Every day of our life is a precious opportunity for it will never come again. It is easy to take this for granted and put off till tomorrow the qualities that we would like to cultivate in our lives. In doing so, we may never get to participating in the life that we truly desire.

Our community is here to support you and remind you of the opportunity today brings. We invite you to take a little time in the morning to call to pause and remind yourself of your values and the qualities you would like to develop in your life. We provide you with daily reflections, meditations and tools to help you participate in your life consciously with attention and intention. Our goal is to help you cultivate attention, wisdom and the ability to make healthy choices that foster genuine happiness and a meaningful life that is in alignment with your values.

Whether you are brand new to mindfulness or a seasoned practitioner, you can engage in this community in a way that meets your needs and fits into your lifestyle. Here is how it works:
• Every day you will receive an email with an inspirational quote, short reflection and a mindfulness activity for that day drawn from the quote.
• Each week will have a particular theme such as wisdom, equanimity, compassion, etc. and the daily activities are developed to help you cultivate the inner qualities of that theme.
• We have a guided meditation library that we offer to members. We suggest that you spend a little time in the morning setting your motivation, do a meditation, and then reflect upon the daily activity. We have a variety of meditations of different lengths so you can find one that works for you. They include both concentration meditations to cultivate attention and contemplative meditations.
• We also encourage you to take a little time at the end of the day to reflect upon your day, calling to mind what went well and what you would like to improve. In this way you bring reflection and intention to improve the quality of your days.
• Three times a month we will have a group call for the whole community that you can participate in. This is an opportunity to connect with each other and share about your practices during the weeks. Though we may have many people on the call, after a short talk we will break you into small groups of people so you can have a more personal discussion amongst yourselves to share with and learn from each other. Every call is recorded and the teaching portion is available for you if you have to miss it.
• At different times throughout the month we will also offer a live stream webcast with a short teaching or meditation that you can join.

The goal is to support you in a daily practice that helps you to continually call to mind the qualities and values you would like to develop and incorporate into your life. What is more important than asking yourself what is truly important? You will find that just taking the time to read the daily reflections and activities has the potential to transform your life. If you can include meditation and participate in the daily activities you will notice change very quickly.

We know that your life will be filled with ups and downs, times and busyness and times of calm. There will be days when you may miss the email and other days when it is the most important thing you read and act on. We designed this to provide you with this opportunity every day of the year. For 365 every year, we will be here to support you in living mindfully.

To begin we suggest that you visit the Establishing a Daily Practice link on the Member Home page and find a daily routine that will work well for you.