Establish a consistent meditation practice

We have created this 28 day meditation course to allow anyone, whether they are a complete beginner or an experienced meditator trying to be more consistent, establish and sustain a meditation practice that works for them. Meditate for 28 days with guidance from Co-founder John Bruna. We will primarily focus on shamatha (calm abiding) meditation, as it is designed to develop concentration and attention.

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Dates: Open enrollment. Begin today. 

Facilitator: John Bruna

Cost: This course is offered on a donation basis. Anyone can participate, wherever they are, and offer whatever they can. No one is turned away due to a lack of funds.

Enroll by making a donation of any amount you would like to offer. This is offered to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. The donation button is below and will enroll you in the program. If you would prefer to write a check or cannot afford to make a donation, contact us at to enroll.