Mark Molony

Mark Molony

Mark Molony is a co-founder of the Mindful Life Program and a licensed social worker, therapist, and coach. Mark’s intention is to support others in generating new sustainable ways of being in themselves and with others that will encourage genuine happiness in their lives.

Mark lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Toni and his four children Erin, Claire, Matthew and Pat.

Mark first became involved in mindfulness practices and meditation in 2001 when he experienced a major health challenge and looked to support his recovery through mindful awareness practices. Since then, Mark’s learning in mindfulness has grown, as has his practice and experience in teaching mindfulness to others in a range of settings.

Over the last 15 years, Mark has been fortunate to work with a broad range of inspirational friends and clients who have shared their life challenges and their learning with him.

Mark is an engaging and experienced facilitator who loves what he does and derives great joy and gratitude in exploring the mindful life with others.

Mark’s qualifications include a Masters of Social Work, specialist qualifications in counseling psychotherapy, Registered Mental Health Professional, Ontological Coaching Practitioner and a Cultivating Emotional Balance Accredited Teacher.