Laura Bartels Bio Photo

Laura Bartels helped to create the Mindful Life Program and regularly teaches mindfulness courses, facilitates mindfulness groups and gives public talks on living mindfully. She is one of the instructors for the year-long MLP Teacher Training and Personal Development programs. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Mindful Life Program. While Laura’s professional path of 20 years brought her to be a leader in the field of sustainable building and community development, it provided a unique and valuable foundation and a perspective on the need for “inner sustainability”. As Laura’s path has been one of navigating what it means to live consciously and meaningfully, it’s been a natural transition to move from outer sustainability to inner sustainability, especially noting that when we are not in balance, we cannot be of benefit to ourselves nor others.

Laura’s background includes teaching in public schools, universities, non-profits and for professional groups, facilitation, as well as public presentations. Laura brings sensitivity to both individual relationships and working with groups, and has been looked to for her calm presence and leadership,kindness and thoughtfulness.

In 2001, after a serious car accident, and many layers of other significant life challenges, Laura began finding the value of meditation and mindfulness to grow through these challenges. Laura says, ”In retrospect, along with a meditation practice, early elements of my mindfulness practice included, simply, the balance that comes from knowing there are always silver linings to difficult circumstances, and the expanded perspective that comes from asking how do I move through this challenge with grace.” 

Laura is grateful to have the opportunity to help cultivate the Mindful Life Program as a leading organization in integrated mindfulness and is honored to work alongside co-founders John Bruna and Mark Molony to bring its offerings to a wide range of audiences. She is inspired by the goal to support people to cultivate skills and wisdom that lead to more peaceful and meaningful lives.