Laura BartelsLaura Bartels is the Executive Director of the Mindful Life Program bringing personal and professional training in mindfulness and skills in living a meaningful life to a wide range of audiences. Laura’s experience in teaching spans engagement in public schools, universities, non-profits and professional groups. Laura’s previous professional path brought her to be a leader in the field of sustainable building and community development. In her past efforts throughout the US and with tribal nations, her work of helping people and communities put values into action offered a valuable foundation and perspective on the importance of inner sustainability. Personally and professionally, the skills of living mindfully became an essential part of Laura’s life.

In 2001, after a serious car accident and other significant life challenges, Laura began finding the value of meditation and mindfulness as a way to grow through these challenges. Laura says, “In retrospect, along with a meditation practice, early elements of my mindfulness practice included the balance that comes from knowing there are always silver linings to difficult circumstances and the expanded perspective that comes from asking how to move through these challenges with grace.”

Having the precious gift of studying mindfulness and meditation with a range of highly experienced teachers over the last 17 years, Laura facilitates mindfulness courses and trainings and leads retreats, as well as giving presentations on related topics. She has brought programs to diverse audiences from educators and parents to law enforcement and emergency dispatchers. Laura brings sensitivity to both individuals and groups, and she has been looked to for her calm presence and leadership, her kindness and thoughtfulness.

Laura is grateful to live in Carbondale, Colorado with her husband John Bruna, and to be a mother of two wonderful sons and be a grandmother.