Four Keys of Living Mindfully Online Course Expanded with Live Teaching

It is our hope that this course will help support you in living a meaningful and fulfilling life—adding joy, focus, attention, a clear sense of values and wisdom to your life, and providing relief from stress and suffering. All the moments of our lives can be meaningful if we bring attention and intention into them. Live your life mindfully, with attention, values, wisdom, and an open heart. The Mindful Life Program approach is practical, accessible and universal.


What’s included:

• 6 hours of live-remote online discussion sessions 

• 8 30-minute videos hosted by the Mindful Life Program

• Downloadable Four Keys companion journal

• 28 days of meditation Course also hosted by the Mindful Life Program

• 2 months membership in the new Mindful Life Community platform

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Dates: February 14  – March 21, 2021

Time: Sundays, 3:00 – 4:30 PM (PST)

Course fee: $150.00 ($200 Value)  Contact the instructor to find out if you qualify for the Refresher Course Rate. 

Please contact Dan for more information at,  Phone: 970-209-6489  or 

Taught by Dan Piquette

Mindfulness Foundations Course

MLP Online Mindfulness Foundations Course

Now being offered online! Offer yourself the gift of mindfulness. Join the Mindful Life Program Foundations Course, February 9 – March 30, 2021. Give yourself the gift of this lively and engaging opportunity to learn to live mindfully, with attention and intention, cultivating genuine happiness and a meaningful life. The MLP Foundations Course combines the practice of meditation with the application of mindfulness in daily life and to guides you to develop the habits that support you. Our goal is to help you to live your life with attention and intention, cultivating the skills that empower you to make healthy choices that are in alignment with your values and that are meaningful to you. Empower yourself to integrate the four key areas of mindfulness – attention, wisdom, values, and an open heart – into your life in practical, accessible, and universal ways. 

Attention – Developing attention skills through meditation training.

Values – Living a meaningful life. Developing healthy habits and responses that are in alignment with one’s personal values.

Wisdom – Understanding one’s biases, labeling, projection, and pre-judgment. Increasing emotional intelligence and learning to respond rather than react.

Open heart – Developing healthy relationships and connections. Cultivating skills of compassion, loving-kindness, empathic joy and equanimity.

Enrollment includes:

  • 20 hours of engaging online class over 8 weeks
  • “Transforming to a Mindful Life” Companion Journal
  • “Wisdom of a Meaningful Life” by co-founder John Bruna
  • Three-month membership to the Mindful Life Community™
  • Access to meditation library and additional resources
  • Additional mindfulness resources

Read the full description for the course under the Programs tab, and read more feedback from recent participants here.

Dates: Tuesdays, 6:00 – 8:30 pm from February 9 – March 30, 2021 

Cost: $299.00 ($350 Value)

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Contact: Dan Piquette


Facilitator: Dan Piquette