Mindfulness for Teachers Takes New Steps Forward  – February, 2016

( Photo: The Viewbank College teachers getting in the right frame of mind.)

While we’ve been offering various programs and presentations for teachers in the past and in a variety of locations, both our Colorado and Melbourne locations have begun providing professional development programs for teachers. In Melbourne, the second group of teachers from Viewbank College, a secondary level college are working with cofounder Mark Molony in the MLP Foundations course curriculum. The group will explore and practice the foundations of mindfulness practices and how they can be used to support themselves, their colleagues and their students.

In Colorado, cofounder John Bruna has been teaching professional development courses for the Roaring Fork RE1 School District since the fall of 2015 and the response has been very positive.

In addition, more teachers are taking advantage of the daily support offered through the Mindful Life Community. In fact, we are very excited that the staff at two different public schools have chosen MLC as a way to support all their teachers and administrators and have signed them all up for year long memberships. We are currently expanding the Mindful Life Community resources for members, and soon there will be resources specifically designed for educators. If you are an educator and would like to learn more about the support of the Mindful Life Community, please see www.mindfullifecommunity.org and feel free to contact us about group rates.