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28 Day Daily Practice Circle


28 Day Daily Practice Circle

Connect. Practice. Thrive

Deepen and Grow Your Mindfulness Practice With Us

Bring an infusion of inspiration and support to your mindfulness practice by joining others for this new offering. It’s 28 days of focus and support for practices throughout your day. Join a supportive circle of MLP co-founders, trained mindfulness teachers, and others, just like you, looking to bring the benefits of a more consistent, fuller daily practice to life.

Program Dates

  • Opening Live Event, March 10, 5 pm MST US
  • Our 28 Days of Practice are March 10 – April 7th US
  • Weekly Gatherings, Sundays 

Elements of Support in our 28 Day Daily Practice Circle


  • Opening Live Event, March 10, 5 pm MST US (in Australia, March 11, 11 am AEST) 
  • Dedicated support and conversation space within the Mindful Life Network™

  • Each week we’ll introduce the theme with an article and share a new recorded meditation for that week. You also have access to a collection of our guided meditations for the 28 days. 

  • Each day you’ll find a new practice inspiration, tip or technique

  • Downloadable resources such as the “Rhythm of a Daily Practice” and more. 

  • We encourage those who join to attend the live weekly mindfulness meetings that we offer. Since we have members in many time zones, there are no daily live events. 

By participating in the 28 Day Daily Practice Circle, if you did not already, you will have access to the Mindful Life Network™, our free mindfulness community. You will find additional resources there. 


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Mindfulness Foundations Course

MLP Online Mindfulness 8 Week Foundations Course

Wednesdays, April 3 – May 22nd – Course Limited to 5 Participants

The MLP Mindfulness Foundations Course combines the practice of meditation with the application of mindfulness in daily life. Our goal is to help you to live your life with attention and intention, cultivating the skills that empower you to make healthy choices that are in alignment with your values and that are meaningful to you. The course is designed to be practical and accessible, allowing anyone, with or without a background in mindfulness, to participate. The course is also designed to be universal so that anyone can benefit from mindfulness, regardless of cultural, economic, or spiritual background.

In this time of national and global challenges such as an ongoing pandemic, deep societal divides, and grief-inducing climate chaos, basic mindfulness skills can help us to reduce anxiety, eco-despair, and fear; to live our precious lives with genuine happiness, loving-kindness, and compassion. This course is a transformative first step on a lifelong journey into our more authentic and joyful selves.

Join the Mindful Life Program Foundations Course, April 3 – May 22nd, 2024. Give yourself the gift of this lively and engaging opportunity to learn to live mindfully, with attention and intention, cultivating genuine happiness and a meaningful life. The MLP Foundations Course combines the practice of meditation with the application of mindfulness in daily life and guides you to develop the habits that support you.  Empower yourself to integrate the four key areas of mindfulness – attention, wisdom, values, and an open heart – into your life in practical, accessible, and universal ways. 

Attention – Developing attention through meditation training.

Wisdom – Understanding one’s biases, labeling, projections and pre-judgments. Increasing emotional intelligence and learning to respond rather than react.

Values – Living a meaningful life. Developing healthy habits and responses that are in alignment with one’s personal values.

Open heart – Developing healthy relationships and connections. Cultivating skills of compassion, loving-kindness, empathic joy, and equanimity.

In order to live a meaningful life and develop the freedom to live consciously, the curriculum focuses on training the mind and cultivating the ability to make healthy choices that are beneficial to the life you want to live. In this way, you can live your life with attention and intention. This course consists of lectures, meditations, small group discussions, journaling, and short video presentations. Our teachers create a safe environment for participants to explore their own values and learn to apply practices to live in alignment with them.

Enrollment includes:

  • 20 hours of engaging live online class
  • “Transforming to a Mindful Life” Course Companion Journal
  • “The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life” by co-founder John Bruna
  • Three-month membership in the Mindful Life Community™ 
  • Access to a guided meditation library and additional resources

Dates: Wednesdays, April 3 – May 22nd, 2024, Time TBD depending on participant response. Please contact to discuss options.

Cost: $349, scholarships available based on need. Contact the instructor for information on cost and scholarships.

To register: click here – course is limited to 5 participants

Contact: Rita Clagett, Mirador Eco-Retreat, 970.216.8020,

Facilitator: Rita Clagett

Facilitator Website

*Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) credits may be available for social workers, therapists, and substance abuse counselors.

*Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be available for teachers.

Please contact the instructor to inquire about credits being offered for this course.

The course is offered to general audiences as well as to specific audiences such as educators, mental health professionals, recovery professionals, wellness programs, and more. Ask about bringing this course to your workplace or other groups. 


10 Year Live Anniversary Event

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We’ve been here for 10 years because of you and, of course, for you! Thousands have helped the Mindful Life Program grow and offer the chance for so many to have access to the skills of mindfulness, knowing that everyone deserves to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. So, it is with such joy that we offer this live event with our three co-founders. We hope you’ll join them and our friends from around the globe!

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Tenth Anniversary Flyer

What do we have planned??

  • We’ve asked our co-founders to share an aspect of their own practice that has especially nourished and supported them
  • Our updated mission for the coming years
  • How we’re expanding offerings for 2024
  • And, anniversary sales and commemorative specials!


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And check out our four day sale here!10th Anniversary Sale

Online Mindfulness in Recovery® Course Registration Opens



The New Mindfulness In Recovery® Online Course – Registration Opens January 8th

We have now made our course even more accessible for everyone, whether you are a treatment professional, a person in any form of recovery, or a family member. You can now enroll and begin at any time and have a choice of days and times to attend live sessions.

We are excited and grateful to be able to support you in developing the skills to cultivate more inner peace, resiliency, and joy in your life. This online course provides you with daily activities, teachings from our co-founder, John Bruna, and live sessions facilitated by Rachel Currier. With our online format, you can attend from wherever you are in the world.

This is an eight-week course open to everyone for personal development and for those working with others in the treatment field. It is experiential and focused on helping participants cultivate a daily mindfulness practice that integrates the MIR skills into daily life.

About the MIR Course 

This course supports:

  • People in recovery (all pathways, including 12-step)
  • Family and friends affected by addiction
  • Clinicians, therapists, and addiction treatment professionals (serves as a prerequisite for the certification course) and is approved for 36 CEUs.

In addition to the course, participants receive:

  • 28-day self-paced online meditation training with John Bruna
  • 3-month free membership in the MIR community

This course begins with an opening session on Tuesday, November 7th, followed by weekly sessions every Tuesday through January 2nd. In between sessions, there are videos with instructions from John and exercises from the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery and the Essential Guidebook to Recovery for Family and Friends. 

Everyone in the United States receives a copy of either the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery or the Family and Friends version of the guidebook, and access to the private course online community platform accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You are able to interact with others in the course on that platform and in the course sessions.

*If you live outside of the USA, we will work with you to get you access to the guidebook.


Learn more at our Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute