Dr. Assaad Mounzer is a certified MLP Mindfulness Teacher, and a certified professional life coach. He is a compassionate and caring physician who uses his wisdom and expertise to support his clients and assist them in reaching their potential in their personal and professional development.

He is a board certified Urologist who is now transitioning into the Mindful Coaching business. Dr. Mounzer holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual psychology with emphasis on Consciousness, Health, and Healing.

He works with physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals to reignite within them the desire to find meaning in their work and move from burnout to engagement. He teaches the MLP Mindfulness Foundations Course to college students, teachers, and the general public to assist them in reducing their stress, staying present, and focusing on their life mission.

He says about himself:

” I am a student of life. I am your partner in discovering new opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am an expert in compassionate listening, and understanding. I walk with you the extra mile, to clarify your goals, so you can live a meaningful life in alignment with your values and purpose.”

Dr. Mounzer teaches in Bluefield, Virginia and Moorseville, North Carolina.

Learn more about Dr. Mounzer at his website: mindfulmdcoaching.com. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. To reach him, send him and email or give him a call (304.952.4665).