Photo_KarenKaren Recktenwald: My passion to experience deeper levels of mindfulness, kindness, and concentration led me to study in the US, Thailand and Myanmar. I emphasize living with self-compassion, the training of attention, emotional and cultural awareness, and relaxation through the breath. The Mindful Life Program’s emphasis on living in accordance with ones’ values is an essential ingredient of mindfulness, and has allowed me to have a more meaningful life and relationships.

Current facilitator certifications with the Mindful Life Program and the Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques Program enable me to attend to my environment with more clarity and less prejudgment. The MLP, in particular, incorporates practical mindfulness reminders and intentions into my daily routine, with compassionate accountability.

Being privileged to currently teach at the Bodhi Mind Center, I try to embody warmth, authenticity and laughter with group participants, as well as a safe and deep sense of connection to each other. My love of hiking and yoga practice bring gentle mindful movement, guided by the breath, into my own practice and my classes.

As a psychotherapist I led mindfulness-based parent groups in Spanish, and hope to bring the MLP to diverse populations.

I teach courses in Colorado Springs, Colorado and you can get in touch with me via email