Taro Thomas deeply enjoys leading a meaningful life, cultivating genuine happiness, and spreading loving kindness and compassion in his life and to others. As a Certified MLP Mindfulness Teacher he is grateful for this opportunity to share these practices that can be learned through the MLP Foundations Course. These practices include cultivating genuine happiness, developing emotional well being, consistent meditation, living in accordance with your values, and learning valuable daily practices that are encouraged at The Mindful Life Program.After years of working in the corporate world training people how to use software and hardware systems, he currently is a General Manager of a golf course. Seeing the benefits of cultivating genuine happiness and well being have far outweighed seeing a good golf swing.

Having lost the ability to live in accordance with the values he grew up learning, in 2003 he transformed his life and began a new way of living. His gratitude for cultivating these values back into his own life shows in his teaching. Bringing values back such as honesty, respect, humility, trustworthiness, and integrity and cultivating new ones such as compassion, discipline, attentiveness, balance, stillness, selflessness, and wisdom has brought him to this invigorating time in his life.

Over the last several years Taro has helped others in recovery or simply struggling with life discover ways to bring their own values into each day of their lives just as he has learned to do in his. The sudden loss of his father in May of 2005 encouraged Taro to redirect his spiritual path. He has searched to find teachings that would help with suffering, relationships, and balance. One meeting with John Bruna in 2011 at a retreat definitely had a huge impact on his next path in life. That has him here today ready, and qualified to share his life with you, your life with him. Thanks to the Mindful Life Program, Laura, John, and Mark, he has the capability to teach you these ways of living a mindful life.

Taro teaches in San Clemente, Newport Beach, and Encinitas California. Please get in touch via email ([email protected]) or by phone (949.690.9084).