Mindy Meiering is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach, & Co-Founder of Inhabit, a world-class retreat center currently under construction on the island of Hawai’i. She divides her time between Colorado and Hawaii and lives with her husband, Patrick, and their two sweet rescue dogs.

From 1996-2010, she practiced Social Work full-time in a variety of health care settings and has supported thousands of patients and families during some of their most difficult and challenging moments.  

Today, in her coaching work, Mindy works with many types of people with just as many dreams and goals. She supports her clients to build a bridge of clarity, courage, and focus – from the life they currently have into the life they truly want. Mindfulness is a common thread woven into the tapestry of all the work she does.

Mindy’s interest in mindfulness began over ten years ago after her father had a series of strokes.  This, combined with the intensity of her work at the time, led her to seek new ways of coping and managing her stress. She began to meditate and devoted time to formal meditation retreats each year, cultivating the practices that continue to be crucial to her overall well-being.

In 2014 she was introduced to the Mindful Life Program and immediately resonated with MLP’s comprehensive teachings that are universal, practical, and accessible to all. Since then her practice has deepened and flourished, allowing her to navigate two years of infertility treatment, a cancer diagnosis, and some major losses, all with courage and equanimity.

Mindy’s love for teaching is apparent.  Few things give her greater satisfaction than witnessing a participant in one of her classes deepen into their mindfulness practice and flourish within the MLP Program. Her students have described her as “openhearted, positive, supportive, and sincere” and as someone who “truly cares and is at all times interested in making sure I walk away with a love for this practice and a passion to follow it each day forward.”

Mindy teaches in Durango, Colorado and the Big Island of Hawai’i. Learn more about Mindy at her website or get in touch by  phone (970.749.3019) or email.