In 2012, after many years of sleepwalking through life and practicing unhealthy habits, Sam became awakened into a “teachable” state. A practitioner of meditation for many years with no direct guidance, he was introduced to the Way of Compassion Dharma Center and the Mindful Life Program, both headed by his current teacher, John Bruna. Here he was given the tools and insight that enabled him to change his life in a way he had always been seeking and desperately needed. After attending classes for two years, he chose to enroll in a one year study in the Mindful Life Teacher Training Course. In 2018, Sam became certified to present this wonderful gift to others. Sam is an entertaining and excitable teacher with many years of hard-learned lessons and mistakes, all which add to his remarkable transformation into a valuable and caring human being.

Sam is currently teaching courses in the Vail Valley of Colorado in Gypsum, Eagle, Edwards and surrounding areas. To get in touch, please call 970-376-4887.