Tecumseh Burnett’s vocation has been leading others to mindfully build inspired lives that enrich the community. Initially she worked with families providing education, community networking and peer support. Her philosophy is that a family’s health and well being benefits from finding meaningful ways to contribute to both their families and the community; in turn communities benefit from having healthy families that can give back to their communities. She provided advocacy to individuals to help them identify their strengths and connected them with resources that helped develop life skills needed to live inspired lives.

Over time she began training in nonviolence, mediation and conflict resolution, as it was apparent violence was a key health issue for families and the community. She was invited to begin to teach conflict resolution programs in the region and eventually started a nonprofit with the mission of community organizing and nonviolent educational opportunities for teaches, administrators, students and parents throughout the school district.

While teaching nonviolence Tecumseh began to understand the importance of human spiritual needs. Having had limited spiritual training she began to study with various teachers which led her to a meditation and personal inquiry practice. She has been fortunate to have a few dedicated teachers who supported her in her practice over a period of ten years. Ready to share what has been a hugely beneficial practice in her life with her others she was pleased to find the Mindful Life Program an accessible, practical and universal practice anyone could benefit from. As in her social work Tecumseh holds an abiding belief that each person has their own strengths and contributions that when harnessed are both beneficial to themselves and others. Having a daily mindful practice makes it possible to discover the inner resources that are necessary to live an inspired life.

Tecumseh has loved living and playing in Durango for thirty-three years. This place, and her heart have become one; surrounded by nature with a vibrant community it provides inspiration from the city spaces to the highest mountains. Her friends, husband and children have supported and taught her much throughout the years; they share a rich life together, learning and playing together throughout the southwest.

Tecumseh teaches in Durango, Colorado and you can get in touch with her by phone (970.759.5932) or email. 

Professional Training

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Political Science and Philosophy

Nonviolent Communication Training

Victim Offender Mediation Training

Countless hours of training in meditation and self-inquiry

Mindful Life Teacher Certification