Jessica_SylvansonJessica Sylvanson is a mother, wife, practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, business owner, and now mindfulness teacher. Learning mindfulness has only helped all the areas of her life to come into more balance and harmony. She has owned and operated her own business with Here and Now Acupuncture since 2006 in Gunnison Colorado. She started studying meditation in 1998 at Naropa University and continued with various teachers in the disciplines of yoga, shamanic journeying, and meditation. She met John Bruna when he was a monk around 2008 and began studying meditation and mindfulness with him regularly along with her husband Dusty. Her son was born to she and Dusty in 2014.

Jessica has found mindfulness to greatly impact her life in all areas. She has experienced depression and anxiety which run in her family, and she has found great alleviation from both her mindfulness practice and mindful community. These practices have helped her overcome chronic low self-esteem and engage more with the world in general. Every area of her life has improved and she feels clear on her inner goals along with more internal flourishing. Her relationships with her son, husband, family, friends, and clients have improved and continue to flourish. There are always ups and downs and this is true for everyone, but she has tools that help her always at her disposal now.

This program comes along with the special gift of a mindful community – others who have taken courses and are involved at a deep level in their own practices. This continues to inspire, uplift, and motivate you as a practitioner and gives you the power to really create new lasting habits and transform your life. Jessica looks forward to sharing this wonderful program with many others and continuing to practice mindfulness together. She and her husband Dusty Sylvanson both teach in Gunnison Colorado and online. To see current classes go to For Jessica’s acupuncture practice visit You can also reach her at (970) 641-6095.