Judi JohsonJudi Johnson brings her enthusiasm and dedication to serving others into this world from a lens of joy and gratitude.
She is an MLP Certified Mindfulness Teacher, a certified Mindfulness in Recovery® facilitator, a licensed advanced alcohol and drug counselor in the State of California, and an internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor with a passion for helping people. She is a woman in long-term recovery and has dedicated her life to helping others. Her current career, which spans several decades, has been focused on helping high-risk/high-need criminally involved individuals find their way to become responsible and productive, law-abiding members of society. Judi has spent her entire professional career helping others uncover their best selves.
After a experiencing a significant personal loss in early 2018, she was introduced to the Mindful Life Program at a local wellness fair. After taking the MLP program’s Foundations Course several times, the timing was in perfect alignment for her to attend the first certification cohort for Mindfulness in Recovery® facilitators. She came away from the training for that certification with a deep desire to bring this life-changing program to as many people as possible. Her extensive experience in working in the criminal justice system brought the realization of just how much good these programs could bring to all areas of that industry, and to the world at large. Taking this knowledge and these skills back to her adult Drug Court program in San Diego County was a pivotal point in her decision to learn more and dive deeper into a year-long intensive program of personal growth and insight found in the Mindful Life Program Teacher’s Certification program.
In her typical loving and caring way of being, she is excited to offer Mindful Life Program 4 Keys and Foundations Courses and Mindfulness in Recovery® Courses to others. These courses are available to anyone via Zoom and to those in San Diego County area in person.
Contact at 760-805-3560 or via email at jujohnson5@gmail.com.